Healing and Healers: Interesting Facts About It That You Must Learn


When it comes to distinguishing healing from medicine would seem to be as something radical to the western side of the world, one can actually view such a matter as analogous to seeing the difference between religion and spirituality. This means to say that a healer can become a physician but not in the same field of expertise as them; the reverse of such could also be applied on the side of the physicians since they heal but they do not do it in the mystical sense. But then again, there are several physicians out there who are capable of healing in a mystical way though the ability they have does not come from western training.

We all know for a certain that when it comes to the western medicine, it is steeped in science however, that is not the case for energy healing and healers since these two have been around for centuries now, in various ways and in every culture present. As a matter of fact, there are medicine man or healers in every culture present in the present such as in the African, South American and Native American cultures and a whole lot more. Perhaps you are pondering on some questions related to this topic like “what makes healer and physician different from each other” or “What constitutes the basis for healing” or probably thinking about the ways a healer can heal. The above mentioned questions, every single one of it are valid and reasonable therefore, you can ask them when you are making an inquiry. The purpose of this article is not to provide a very detailed account about healing and healers, what we will be giving you is just an overview of the process hence, it is now up to you ask, explore and form your own conclusions based on what you have read in this article.

There are so many belief systems that view the body as something comparable to the universe which comprises of energy that is harmonious or disharmonious. The harmony and disharmony of the energy defines the health of an individual since when a person is harmonious with the forces of nature, health ensues but if the a person is disharmonious with it, sickness arises. In line with this, the job of the healer is to locate the disharmony that is present in a person’s body and help them restore it to its original state of harmony. Check out this website at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_medicine for more energy medicine.

For the purpose of restoring the harmony that was once present in the body of a person, the work of a healer actually takes on various forms. One of which is by making use of herbs since herbs have been known for being effective in restoring the energy balance in the body of a person. Healers also tend to use acupuncture when emotional trauma healing and speaking of which, it is a process where a particular nodes of energy regulation is being manipulated by inserting specially designed needles into the body via the nodes then, the needles are rotated to stimulate the flow of the energy to areas that are weakened.


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